“Jesus Loves Me”” was a sweet and not awe inspiring song that my parents sometimes sang to me. Our children’s choir often sang it. BUT, it took on more meaning for me as I developed my enjoyment of Interfaith studies and Interfaith Ministry.

If you didn’t know: I was raised in a Northern Indiana Community with 3 churches: Methodist, Congregational and Nazarene and where I was informed often that Jews and Catholics were evil and every other religion in the world was pagan. I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that Our Divine Father could be so inconsistent to hate some of his children. I knew then that there were different religions for different cultures and  I didn’t share this for fear of being ostracized and labeled crazy or sinful for believing God loved all his creation.

Years later, this song took on joyful new meaning for my daughter Laurie and me when we sang these verses and a slightly revised chorus.

“Jesus loves me this I know for the Gospels tell me so.

Little ones to Him belong. They are small (not weak!) and He is Strong.”

Moses loves me this I know for the Torah tells me so.

Buddha loves me this I know for the Sutras tell me so.

Krishna loves me this I know for the Gita tells me so.

Allah loves me this I know for the Koran tells me so.

Taras love me this I know for the Praises tell us so.

Mary loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.”  

We added a group of Sons and Daughters of Enlightenment and enjoyed remembering the other books of wisdom, truth and love.

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1 thought on “For Day 324: MORE ON LYRICS THAT INSPIRE

  1. I love your version of Jesus Loves Me. Music can be such a healing force!

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