Spiritual teachers have been advising seekers to be disciplined in their daily activities for centuries.   It is the old no matter what you were doing spiritually hundreds and thousands of years ago—you had to “chop wood and carry water.” Well, we chop wood and carry water in different ways in 2019. We check our devices and adjust the temperature. And from the traffic of delivery people in my condominium, it seems many people order many meals.

When I didn’t share my intentions for the week with another person, I noticed my attention waivered during the week. Sometimes my goals did not get accomplished. For many years now on Sunday evenings I shape and share my intentions for the week with a friend.

May I suggest that you get a buddy whether you are on the spiritual path or not and share in a brief call on Sunday night or Monday morning, your intentions for the week.

This adds to focus and fulfillment—all good for Super-Aging.

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