Recent reports of studies declare that our longevity has more to do with our SELF-CARE than our DNA. The figures that I’ve seen quoted is that our genes only predict 20-25% accurately what our life expectancy will be.

If granny lived to be 101 and you’re eating donuts and French fries every day, don’t count on matching her longevity. If your mother passed away in her early 50’s and you eat well, walk 7000 steps a day, build chi, stay positive, meditate, and keep learning you might easily live to be as old or older than granny was at transiting.

Recently I remembered taking one of those email quizzes that were so popular 20 years ago.  The test came to the conclusion in 1999 that I would live to be 113 years of age.  I was shocked, laughed and spoofed that result. And now, 20 years later, I’m thinking that since I feel 35 or 55 years of age most days, hey, maybe that is a possibility. My prayer is: “Dear God, May I live in longevity in good health.”

So, all of the advice given here on through the year on Super-Aging is there for your taking. Many postings have been devoted to steps we each can take physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and action wise to create a healthy, happy old age.

I wish you health, wealth, a compassionate heart and well-beingness as well as Super-Aging.

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