I did Primal Scream Therapy as a client and trained therapist. I am convinced that primal scream therapy cleared much “dis-ease” from my body, mind and spirit. Regular talk psychotherapy never felt like enough for me.  Insights were prevalent, yes.  However, energy relief and clearings, no.

Early in 1971 a client told me about a new book on therapy.  She said I had to read it because I was already doing it with her. The book was:

The Primal ScreamPrimal Therapy: The Cure for Neurosis (1970; second edition 1999) is a book by the psychologist Arthur Janov, in which the author describes his experiences with patients during the months he developed primal therapy. Here’s a link: › wiki › The_Primal_Scream

After reading the book, I agreed with her I was already doing that form of therapy to a small degree. I began training formally with a Primal Therapy Therapist, Daniel Miller and joined his practice doing Primal Therapy groups in the early 70’s in New York. I also did it in the 80’s in Oslo, Norway at Solverv Senter.  Later I refined the technique into past life work coupled with a body release work and release of karmic programming. There are easier ways than Primal Scream Therapy for clearing and if you experience one of those “real” primal screams it is RELEASING.

By the way, I’ve seen clients suddenly look 20 years younger after releasing the primary stuck terrified energy of their toddlerhood. Groups I led experienced witnessing this also. I’ve witnessed and experienced that we age as we use our energies to hold down our terrors of early childhood.  Once the terror or terrors are released we gain access to our free child rather than spending energy protecting our hurt child.

I am convinced that my happiness, well-being into this 8th decade of life is because of the time I spent exploring and experiencing viable, alternative forms of psychotherapy.

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