For years I enjoyed gathering friends and students together for a New Year’s Eve morning of reviewing the past year and visioning for the New Year.  We would meditate and pray for peace, share lovely treats and hug good-bye. As I laid out the year of I thought the review ought to be more reflective and be giving more time for reflection.

One of my daily prayers is that I enhance, empower or aid myself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, economically, professionally and educationally daily. Recently I’ve been squeezing in creativity, too. I’m probably going to settle on lobbing it with emotional enhancement. I pray that I do these enhancements for others also.  

In reviewing the year starting today, let’s look at how we have served ourselves physically this year?

I encourage you to ask yourself.  During the last year:

Did I eat  healthfully?

Did I exercise enough? Walk enough? Dance enough? Stretch enough? Build enough muscle? Enjoy my sexuality? Build enough chi/energy/shakti?

Did I sleep enough?

Did I get a well-checkup or a physical with a real MD? I think this is critical over 65 to check blood levels and see that “all systems are go”. 

Even though I love natural medicines I respect my doctor’s knowledge regarding my body. We discuss/argue sometimes about what I will and will not do. He thankfully respects my positions and of course can’t help by notice that I am Super-Aging.

Oh, and did I love myself enough to pray for my health everyday?

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