On this second day of reviewing the results of aiding living or Super-Aging during 2019 the question is:  How have I served myself mentally and creatively during this year?

Late in the year, I realized that I had not taken a class for a very long time. So, I enrolled in an exciting weekend workshop in Quantum Healing and that weekend signed up for 3 courses in 5 days in New York. How lucky I am to have those opportunities. How grateful I am that I came to my senses and decided to get in on some experiential learning. I’m now learning and experimenting and experiencing new challenges and opportunities daily because of those courses. Yes!

Here are some of the questions to ask:

Did I learn something new this year? Do you know that geriatric brain researchers suggest that we learn something new EVERYDAY to keep the plasticity of the brain!

Did I read enough?

Did I write enough?

Did I start a new hobby or experiment with creativity: cooking, painting, drawing, music, theater, writing poetry, etc.?

Did I play brain games, Scrabble on line or any number of choices?

Did I do crossword puzzles or Sudoku’s often enough?

And did I exercise enough physically to keep the brain active and growing new pathways?  They are linked fortunately or unfortunately depending on our habits.

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