The obvious questions are:  Did I entertain?  Did I make new friends?  Did I catch up with old friends? Did I join new activities to meet people of like interests?  Did I reach out?  Did others reach out to me?  What do I wish I had done? Did I spend too much time communicating by cell phone and devices rather than in person?

I loved the 70’s when people of all ages just hung out together.  That so seldom happens these days. We have our heads in earnest activities and in our phones and devices instead of looking in each other’s eyes and creating laid back experiences.

AND one horror of longevity and Super-Aging means some of our friends are not experiencing longevity.

I have one friend in her 80’s who states:  “I can’t take another death. I’ve buried 5 friends this year.”

Everytime I talk with another friend of 70 who is recovering from a sister’s death states: “I can’t face another death.”

I must admit that watching others choose to leave the earth plane is not easy.  But since I see it as a choice when we come into a lifetime and when we go out of that lifetime, I have to honor and respect the choices of my friends when they die. Believing in other lifetimes and the continuity of energy and life is also helpful for me to let people go.  And that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss the phone calls, the appointments, the lunches, the traveling together etc.  I do miss departed friends with a slight melancholy and not deep anguish.

As my daughter Laurie has joyfully said often when someone passed over, “Oh, good he’ll get a new body!” I new body is better than a worn out body that is suffering.

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