I have a good friend who often says: “I was born into a lucky cradle.”  That means she inherited money. She shares and handles those finances so well that I think—she deserves a lucky cradle next lifetime. But if like me you weren’t born into a lucky cradle, here are some questions to ask in the review of how we handled economics this year:

Did I cover my own conservation?  I took several trainings in the 70’s that emphasized the need to cover our own conservation.  There have been times mostly of transition or disaster when I couldn’t. I am thankful to the friends who rescued me. I have made an effort to help others in disaster also.

Did I use manifestation techniques this year to make life more comfortable?  Remember to read Catherine Ponder’s, THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE.

Did I earn extra money where needed?

Did I spend wisely? 

Did I splurge? If so, when? (I sit on my credit cards when the moon is full.)

Did I tithe?  Tithing works. I remember a spiritual teacher saying, “You can’t out give God.”

If I’m in debt, how can I get out of it quickly? What would Suze Orman advise me?

If money was tight, did I cut corners?

Was I grateful every day for everything that I do have? Am I rich in money, nature, health, comfort, friends?

More on my story: I traveled doing spiritual teaching for twenty-five years. During that time I took refuge in this Biblical verse:

Luke 12:22 Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat, or about your body, what you will wear.”…

When I needed to settle for my daughter’s future I had not saved a penny—I reassured myself that hopefully I had banked some merit and good karma. So, I didn’t start saving for retirement until age 61. Goodness if you are young and reading this—start saving for your senior years NOW.

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