I assume that all of my readers are part of the 25% on the planet that have food, shelter, comfort, education, and clean water consistently. So, together we are able to provide for our conservation and comfort with our professions. This year I have started to bless (asking to benefit) my profession formally each day and have blessed (committed to benefit) the professions of people in my milieu.

The definition of profession: a paid occupation, especially one that involves prolonged training and a formal qualification: “chosen profession of teaching”. Synonyms: careeroccupationcallingvocation,

In October I became aware that I had been neglecting my education in ministerial studies and services for two years. I decided to change that.  I quickly enrolled in 7 days of training: two 2 day reviews and 2 new classes in Quantum Healing. Those trainings have excited me, enhanced my personal health and expanded my healing abilities plus I’ve met a new network of people who enjoy exploring their mental, sub-conscious and super-conscious development.  What a wonderful choice that was.

Brain researchers have noted that Super-Agers are known for their consistency in learning and advancing either in their careers or other interests. The willingness to learn and to keep the brain active and to explore new interests are traits of people who enjoy life at any age and traits of seniors who live happily and prosper.  

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