One of my friends who took early retirement because she was emotionally worn out from administrative challenges told me she will be breeding her expensive dog. She doesn’t want a kennel; however, a few puppies a year will augment her retirement and insure money for travel. I admire that. Too bad I’m not into walking dogs in the rain, heat and humidity and ice.

If you like me find yourself on a limited budget I encourage you to find ways to cut expenses.  My lifestyle changed greatly when my daughter moved out and I was responsible for the total mortgage payment. It amazed me what I could almost instantly cut out of my budget and still enjoy a modicum of comfort. For instance, I learned that matinee movies on Tuesdays are a bargain and that many restaurants offer seniors discounts.

I don’t put my change in a piggy bank at the end of the day. However, I’ve decided I’d rather take a day trip or weekend adventure more than I would enjoy stopping for a few mid-priced lunches. On my way home to egg salad or cottage cheese on greens or an almond butter /mango chutney gluten free sandwich, I smugly say—“Well, I just saved $18 there!” In warm weather, I enjoy meeting friends for a picnic lunch rather than choosing a restaurant. 

For those of you with a sizable nest egg with no income coming in, I can imagine that it is difficult to decide how much to spend. Our life expectancies are so not predictable at the moment. However, I encourage you to decide the amount you can spend and enjoy. I have friends who are not yet living on their retirement savings and they have been retired with active life styles for years. They are committed to not saving the forced deduction from their retirement fund and like me use it for fun/travel.

If you are concerned about finances for 2020, again I’m going to recommend Catherine Ponder’s book, THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PROSPERITY if you want a better relationship to money, a profession, your neighbors, partner, children and The Divine—OH, AND YOURSELF.

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