Super-Agers enjoy learning. They don’t stop learning.

Last week a 10 year old piano student said to me, “Well, I’ll stop piano at college. You don’t learn anything after college.”

I shot back shocking him with, “Hey, I learn something new every day.”

“You do?” 

“Yes, I do. And your uncle is over there on his computer I bet his is learning something right now.”

“Are you?” He asked his uncle.

. His uncle smiled responding, “Yes, I’m studying right now. I’m working on my PH.D.”

“Wow. So, that’s why you bring your computer to M.’s lesson. You’re working on a PH.D.?”

Whatever we do, we shouldn’t stop learning at any age. It’s difficult these days not to learn every day when knowledge is doubling daily.

Here’s a tale of woe for me: A dear friend who was a charming, respected, compassionate court psychologist and private therapist with a controlled drinking habit retired at 72. Before retiring she enthusiastically attended 3 or 4 conferences a year. She hired me to teach several of my methods of therapeutic skills to her and to her clients.. When she retired, she stopped her educational pursuits. I see that as part of her downfall. By 73 without the boundaries of a profession to keep her in check, she drank to excess daily. Subsequently and within months had 2 car accidents, had broken a hip, an arm, and lost her driver’s license and within another year her kids packed her off to a luxurious senior center, sold her flat and stored her beloved art collection. My heart ached for the loss of her vibrant excitement and conversations about learning after attending seminars in various countries.

Obviously her case is drastic yet worth pondering. I wonder what would have happened if she had continued practicing her exciting learning and had continued her loving proficient care of others.

Learning keeps us alert, enhances the brain and helps Super-Aging.

What are your goals for learning this year?

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