I couldn’t sleep last night until this prayer was written in my journal. Hoping that this prayer speaks to you and if it fits, please pray with me:

Dear Source of Creation, Spirit of Guidance and the Sons and Daughters of Enlightenment and Guardians of our country’s many religions,

Please guide our senators to their Highest Noblest Action while voting on impeachment. May they be in guided by their Guardian Angels and Higher Selves. May our USA senators have the courage and wisdom to take appropriate action for supporting the Constitution.

And I ask that the angels of Truth, Harmony, Wisdom, Nobility, Right Action, Purity, Equality, Respect and Courage hover over our capitol And

All the places of governance on the planet to create wise actions for leadership that creates planetary integrity and preserves our environment.

Thank you.

In the name of The Highest, The Sons and Daughters of Enlightenment and The Spirit of Guidance,

Amen, Amein, Ho, Om

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